X-CTU 5.2

Configures and tests the MaxStream radio modems

Work with the settings and programming of MaxStream radio modems. by accessing their software components in the specialized suite for customizing output according to environmental conditions, checking the signal and testing the functionality of the new configuration.

MaxStream announces the X-CTU software for configuring and testing MaxStream radio modems.


- Support for all MaxStream products.
- Integrated terminal window.
- Easy to use loopback range test.
- Display of Receive Signal Strength Indictator (RSSI).
- Upgrade RF module firmware in the field on all XCite modules and XStream modules version 4.29 and higher.
- Display both ASCII and hexadecimal characters in terminal window.
- Compose test packets in either ASCII or hexadecimal for transmitting in terminal interface.
- Save and retrieve commonly used module configurations (profiles).
- Automatically detect module type.
- Restore factory default parameters.
- Display help about each of the radio parameters.
- Program radio profiles in a production environment using command line interface.
- Integrate with Labview and other production test software through command line interface.

The software is easy to use and allows MaxStream customers to test the radio modems in the actual environment with just a computer and the items included with the radio modems.

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