Configures and tests the MaxStream radio modems
X-CTU v5.2
22 Oct 2020
X-CTU v5.1
5 Mar 2008
X-CTU v4.9
29 Jul 2008

What's new

v5.2 [1 Apr 2009]
New Features :
- Added support for programming and configuring XBee-WiFi modules.
- File menu has been added to X-CTU. Menu items will change depending on the selected tab.
- Terminal Tab file menu now has XModem transfer feature. This is designed to work with the new programmable XBee module's bootloader to support firmware uploads.
- Terminal Tab 'Assemble Packet' button will launch multiple 'Send Packet' dialog boxes.
- Terminal Tab 'Send Packet' dialog box will now supports pasting hex data when in 'Hex' display mode. This can only be accessed through right clicking the text entry box.
- Modem Configuration file menu now has Remote Configuration option. This option allows remote modules to be configured and for Zigbee modules allow firmware to updated.
- Added autodetect for API mode for Zigbee modules.
- Action required dialog box now displays comport in title bar.
- PC Settings now has option for response timeout. This is intended to be used when interacting with sleeping modules.
- Removed support for XCite modules.
Bug Fixes :
- Modem configuration tab has fix for entering 64 bit numbers.
- Improved comport settings dialog box test/query function
- Automatically determine if module is in API or Transparent mode for Zigbee and ZNet modules.

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Alternative downloads

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